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  • Monique | 22 | MNL Architecture Student
  • artblackwhite:

MMK by mbies55 B&W,Black and white,Deutschland,Frankfurt,Germany,Modern Art,Museum,Museum für Moderne Kunst
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  • kyousen:

Untitled  (by u*yam)
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  • In hk right now 💁

  • etcetera-drawings:

thoughts of you come and go,be it bad, be it good, it’s you.
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  • grey-tales:

Anish Kapoor - Untitled, 2009
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  • "To me it seems likely that in the coming decades we will have information on at least hundreds of other planetary systems close to us in the vast Milky Way Galaxy - and perhaps even a few small blue worlds graced with water oceans, oxygen atmospheres, and the telltale signs of wondrous life."
    Carl Sagan, Billions and Billions  (via whyallcaps)

    (via whyallcaps)

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  • blanq-noirette:

B&W · BeautyBlog · Nudes 
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  • uvre:

Fluid Border, Roman Ondák, 2009.
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  • "Every city has a sex and an age which have nothing to do with demography. Rome is feminine. So is Odessa. London is a teenager, an urchin, and in this hasn’t changed since the time of Dickens. Paris, I believe, is a man in his twenties in love with an older woman."
    John Berger (via exoticwild)

    (Source: quotethat, via claraachung)

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  • weissesrauschen:

Melanie Bonajo
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